Wake Up and Smell Our Kind Coffee

Sustainability at the Heart of Urban Bites

Today, Urban Bites addresses a glaring gap in the Abu Dhabi’s restaurant market, by offering fast wholesome food for those who appreciate great taste yet lack the time to labour over a healthy meal that does not compromise on the freshness and high quality of its ingredients.

The result is a healthy alternative to patrons, through mouth-watering meals whose’ ingredients are sourced locally, prepared freshly every day, with no stock being kept overnight for next day use.

While that me be enough for others, it is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg lettuce for UB.

The team behind Urban Bites believes that thoughtful consideration to its communities, environment and trade should at the heart of all F&B businesses. Therefore, we made it at the heart of ours. That is simply good citizenship. That is sustainability for the sake of sustainability.

“Today more than ever, we need a sustainable and healthy alternative to the fast food choices in Abu Dhabi. We need businesses that operate with high consideration to People’s health and the Environment, and we need these businesses to source their raw material fairly and ethically.”

UB & The community

UB outlets engages the community by offering local talent the opportunity to showcase their work or perform for free at our flagship store on Saturdays. Our employees are competitively salaried and trained continuously in order to maintain the highest level of customer service first and their own job satisfaction second.

UB & Fair-trade

UB sources all its ingredients, with the exception of those that are impossible to grow in the UAE, from local organic farms, (natural, pesticides and chemical free). We truly believe in supporting local farmers and producers, nurture our relationships with them, through dialogue, respect and prompt payment. Our cause and belief in fair-trade is so strong that we did not hesitate to stop importing Italian coffee and switch to a supplier which only imports fair trade coffee from fair-trade farms.

UB & the Environment

Urban Bites has made significant strides in the area of environmental sustainability. Over and above our strict use of recyclable packaging, we curb wastage by not replenishing our refrigerators after 3 PM, when demand for ready items decreases, asking our customers to order at the counter instead. We continuously measure the performance of our menu items, swiftly eliminating slow moving ones and replacing them with the popular kind. This ensures that the least amount of wastage is disposed of at the end of each day.

UB’s sustainability in a nutshell

Positive Impact on our Customers:
  • High-quality and healthy food made from organic ingredients that have been sourced locally to ensure freshness
  • Fast-service without compromising on quality of food
  • Deliveries constitute almost 40% of the business and this option helps people save money and time spent on transportation
  • The ability to tailor-make meal options based on knowledge of nutritional benefits for every food item
Positive Impact on Community and National level:
  • The country is currently wrestling with the costs associated with treating the obesity epidemic, which ranks among the highest rates of obesity in the world. By introducing a healthy alter native to fast food choices, Urban Bites is literally playing a direct role fighting obesity and supporting national interest.
  • Urban Bites contributes to the development of a modern, culturally rich lifestyle, starting with Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital. Further promoting the city as a preferred place to live.
  • We offer a space in the flagship outlet to allow local artists to perform free and to promote their talent. (White cube)
  • Urban Bites is an equal opportunity employer, active investor in training and promotes from within. As an employer, we play an active role in contributing positively to the economy of the city and country.
Positive Impact on Trade:
  • Urban Bites supports local farmers and producers by purchasing ingredients exclusively from them.
  • Urban Bites purchases its coffee from dealers who only deal with fair-trade farmers in Ethiopia, who produce coffee based on fair, clear and transparent international standards.
Positive Impact on Environment:
  • Minimized wastage through stopping replenishment of the refrigerators after 3 PM, when orders traditionally decrease.
  • Environmentally friendly lights and appliances installed across all outlets.
  • Recyclable packaging used exclusively across our operation.
Positive Impact on Employees:
  • We offer our employees a competitive salary and training opportunities
  • All of our employees have health insurance
  • We make it a point to have a diverse workforce with people from across the world


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